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State Representative - District 38

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a servant leader for the people

As a business owner, mother, and grandmother, I see the issues, feel your concerns, and understand the fears that we face for our future and the future of our children. I want to work with you to improve our quality of life and to address the issues affecting our district. I am not afraid to speak up and fight for what our district needs. 

As your State Representative, my greatest responsibility is to serve YOU... to listen and be aware of what is going on, engage you in bettering our communities together, envision the future, and use YOUR feedback to work for prosperity for the entire district. That is servant leadership. That is Representation.


Key Issues in District 38


I know how detrimental substance abuse is to our families, communities, and economy.  Low education levels, high poverty levels, and low employment levels are key factors that impact abuse.  We must address these to be able to address the drug problems in our communities.


My plan is to work with law enforcement agencies, the educational systems, the judicial systems, health care providers, businesses, and our citizens to make changes that will help reduce and hopefully eliminate these problems for all of us.


Farming is our way of life and the main economic engine of our region. Unfortunately, our crops are constantly threatened by flooding due to inadequate flood prevention or neglect of the existing infrastructure. 

I want to provide better resources for our local governments to mitigate flooding while also ensuring the state starts taking a comprehensive, regional look when it comes to flood prevention.


As a businesswoman, I have the experience and insight needed to create a business friendly environment for our district. It will take coordination from the State, local officials, and the communities to see our area bring in the economic opportunities that we need.

We must bring in more businesses and support existing ones in order to improve our families, schools, infrastructure, and region.